Launched in 2009, Roppongi Art Night is a one-night, all-night, art extravaganza that celebrates the enjoyment of art in everyday living, and serves as a trailblazing model for local initiatives in the Japanese capital. Staged in the district of Roppongi with its high concentration of retail stores and cultural institutions, Roppongi Art Night – going from strength to strength each year as Tokyo’s premier art festival – offers an extraordinary one-night-only full-on blast of contemporary art, design, music, video and performance art via a huge range of works dotted around the streets.

Artistic Director for Roppongi Art Night 2015 will be artist Katsuhiko Hibino, who also held the post in 2013 and 2014. For 2015 Hibino has assembled a more varied and wide-ranging program than ever celebrating the strengths of Tokyo, the attractions of Roppongi, and the diversity of art. In a new development for RAN, Hibino will be joined by Seiichi Saito, director of Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd., in the role of Media Art Director. Together they will explore new possibilities in technology and media art, essential considerations for Tokyo today and cities of the future, with the aim of devising a new format for Roppongi Art Night.

Another first in 2015 will be what has been provisionally dubbed the “Open Call Project(Tentative),” in which members of the public will be invited to submit their own projects for Roppongi Art Night. In addition, the process of making works and other initiatives directed toward the event on the night will be facilitated and augmented through a series of initiatives referred to as “pre-programs.” The first of these will be the Tentatively named “Open Call Project Public Presentation” in which promising submissions to the “Open Call Project(Tentative)” will be selected and planners summoned to present their works in person in front of a judging panel, in sessions open to a general audience. A number of other “pre-programs” will also be scheduled in the lead-up to the festival itself on 25-26 April.

Plenty of surprises are sure to be in store when the formidable tag team of Hibino and Saito join forces to present Roppongi Art Night.

Roppongi Art Night 2015

Event Profile

Official title

Roppongi Art Night 2015

Mission statement

Roppongi Art Night is a one-night celebration of art staged in the district of Roppongi. A diverse range of works including not only artworks but also design, music, video and performance pieces are dotted around the Roppongi neighborhood with its high concentration of retail stores and cultural institutions, creating an extraordinary experience, while proposing a lifestyle that celebrates the enjoyment of art in everyday living. Bringing art and street together as one will also enhance the image of Roppongi as a cultural hub, and offer a trailblazing example of neighborhood initiative within the vast metropolis of Tokyo. Roppongi Art Night will continue to develop as the capital’s premier art festival.

Date & Time

10:00 (Sat) 25 April –18:00 (Sun) 26 April 2015
Core Time*: 18:22 (Sat) 25 April–4:56 (Sun) 26 April
(From sunset on Saturday 25 April until sunrise the following day)
*Core Time is the period during which many of the main installations and events will be held.


Roppongi Hills, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo Midtown, Suntory Museum of Art,
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, The National Art Center, Tokyo; Roppongi Shopping Streets,
and other collaborating facilities as well as public spaces in the Roppongi area


Free (Some programs and exhibitions are subject to fees)

Organized by

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo, Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee (Mori Art Museum, MORI Building Co., Ltd., The National Art Center, Tokyo; ROPPONGI Shopping Streets Association, Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo Midtown, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT *In alphabetical order)