Roppongi Art Night 2013

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Aida Makoto
Brings a cynical perspective to such subject matter as pretty young girls, war and salarymen,touching upon taboos and contradictions in modern and contemporary Japanese society in a stream of striking works.

Alex McLeod
Presents us with visuals that appear as if they could exist in real life birthed through a homemade render farm and some youtube tutorials. Will present ‘out worlds’ in April at Angell gallery.

Ando Takahiro
Born 1965 in Tokyo. Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts. Creates media art pieces with the photon, the quantum of light, as a theme. Will conduct an art mission in space this year in collaboration with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

Arakajime kimerareta koibito tachi e
A dub band that has forged its own path combining lyrical and urban electro-beat with the noises of live performance to create music that makes you want to cry and dance.

Asai Yusuke
Born 1981. Best known for his massive, freespirited site-specific paintings on walls and streets using such lowly materials as mud and road-marking medium.

An architecture studio established in 2002 by Matsubara Megumi and Ariyama Hiroi. Pushes the boundary of architecture by recognizing space as the sum of experiences and memories,and combining physical experience and poetic expression.



Solo performance unit consisting of Kohama Masahiro. He has performed with U-enchi Saisei Jigyodan, Philippe Decouflé, Nibroll and Strange Kinoko Dance Co.



A six-member artist collective formed in 2005. Known for their per formances,installations and interventions with strong social messages that result from responding instinctively to the reality of their times.

Chris Tomoko
Born in Hawaii, raised in both Japanese and American culture. Navigator of J-WAVE’s “Atelier Nova.”

Christophe Charles, et al.
Unit consisting of Christophe Charles, Taniguchi Akihiko, Koyanagi Junji (visual and music), JOU (dance) and students of Musashino Art University IAS.

Artist popular for her colorful paintings and drawings. Active also as a model for fashion magazines.

Catherine Baÿ
Studied theater, ethnology and dance. Her experimental practice involves choreography, performing, directing, video, cabaret, and collaboration with artists working in various disciplines.

contact Gonzo
A performance group that explores a method to understand the wor ld through var ious instantaneous events, stemming from simple physical contact between people.



Daisy Balloon
Balloon art unit consisting of Hosokai Rie, an international balloon artist, and Kawada Takashi, an art director and a graphic designer.

David Trautrimas
Creates fantastical structures from commonplace appliances. Unlocking the mind from a state of static recognition, his photographic and sculptural compositions reveal an alternative take on architecture & landscape.



The muse of the artist group Chim↑Pom.

Endo Ichiro
Born 1979. Best known for his ongoing “Go for future” project, in which he travels round the country driving a van emblazoned with that message and the handwritten dreams of the people he meets along the way.



Fujimura Ryuji
Born 1976. Did postgraduate studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Heads Fujimura Ryuji architects, and is a full-time lecturer at Toyo University. Recent architectural projects include House of House (2012).



Ultra-experimental puppet theater organized by Okada Hiroko and advised by Aida Makoto in which members and approaches change from project to project. Known for their highly unusual performances.

Goto Shigeo
Born 1954. Editor, professor at Kyoto Universityof Art and Design, and director of G/P Gallery. Will open G/P+g3 Gal ley at TOLOT in Shinonome at the end of March.



Hachiya Kazuhiko
Projects include communication tools such as Inter Dis-communication Machine and Post Pet, and objects with special functions such as AirBoard, a jet-powered skateboard, and OpenSky, a personal flight system.

Hashimoto Takumi
Transformer. Born 1988 in Tokyo. Expresses the affects of images on human beings.

Hayashida Ken
Born 1979 in Aichi. Graduated in painting from Nagoya University of Arts. His paintings of familiar scenes, such as old apartment houses, toilets, sinks and switches, shed light on problems lurking in modern society.

Hibino Katsuhiko
Born 1958 in Gifu. Has organized numerous workshops drawing on regional characteristics, the experiences of which have had a profound influence on his art practice. Joined Roppongi Art Night in 2009 & 2012. Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. Member of the executive committee of the Japan Football Association.

Higashi Hanayuki
Multi-creator. Studied under Kirishima Rowland.Creative director of the H.P.FRANCE “roomservice FASHION GUIDE JAPAN.”

Project initiated by Ito Toyo and four other Kishin no Kai architects to build “Home-for-All” in communities razed by the Tohoku earthquake. Inui Kumiko, Fujimoto Sou, Hirata Akihisa and Hatakeyama Naoya were involved in the planning and the design of the Home-for-All in Rikuzentakata.

Homura Hiroshi
Born 1962 in Hokkaido. Major works include the poetry collection “Letter freak Mami, moving in summer (with rabbit)” (2001) and essay “Dinner without you” (2011).



Ichihara Hiroko
An artist who creates works with words and characters as a motif.

Igarashi Yasuaki
Born 1978 in Chiba. Strives to create new perspectives and connections between people in everyday life by living among them.

Inoko Toshiyuki
Born in 1977, Tokushima. Founded TeamLab, an ultra-technological group, shortly after graduating from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, studying natural language processing and art.

Ikeya Shiro
Graduated Salem State University Collage of Arts & Science in graphic design. Pursued his art/design practice in NY collaborating with variousbrands The author of Ron and Magical Sneakers(Little More).

Ino Hidefumi
A musician who plays Fender Rhodes, creating minimalist music with clear sound. Popular among a wide range of music fans both in Japan and overseas.

Iwai Masaru
Born 1975 in Kyoto. Completed the doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Recent works incorporate the action of “cleaning” and waste, based on a theme he has dubbed “Cleaner’s High.”

Izumi Taro
Born 1976 in Nara. Best known for his largescale installations combining video and performance. Recent solo exhibitions include “Kneading” (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery).



Jampel Cheda
Artist and freelance photographer. Born in Thimphu, Bhutan. Invited to Japan to participate in Art Festival of the Sky 2011. During his stay in Japan, he produced a flag of hope with the five colors of Bhutan.



Kado Bunpei
Born 1978 in Fukui. Majored in metal craft at Musashino Art University. His sculptures mix different materials and familiar objects such as little houses, chairs or carved wooden bears that combine to give new meaning to the whole.

Kagabu Shiho
Combining scrap materials and everyday items, ascertaining the sounds and textures of the things in a space, her works reflect the changes that occur when people and things interact.

Kaihatsu Yoshiaki
Artist. Participated in 9th Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (2006, 2009, 2012), Roppongi Art
Night (2009, 2010, 2012), in addition to his many solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad.

Kamimura Megumi
Dancer and choreographer. Performing solo since 2004 throughout Japan and abroad. Established Kamimura Megumi Company in September 2006.

Kawanishi Takashi
Works across multiples disciplines as a member of the sound installation unit SONTON, and solo producing 2D and 3D artworks, and performing on self-produced musical instruments.

Kitazawa Jun
Born 1988 in Tokyo. Currently in the doctorial course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Principal of Jun Kitazawa Office Yakumo. Has planned and run a long list of art projects that integrate with human living.

Klein Dytham architecture
(Astrid Klein, Mark Dytham)
Tokyo-based international design office specializing in architecture and interiors.

Krystle Tabujara
Artist currently working on the truly egalitarian Refined Portraiture project, in which celebrities rub elbows with the artist’s friends, acquaintances and local heroes of the Toronto arts scene.

Koga Takeshi
Master’s in dance from Tsukuba University. Popular for his “tricky” dance with Condors. Also shows off his management skills as a company owner between performances in various locations of his Kogandance.

Kondo Ryohei
Choreographer, dancer, and leader of Condors. Appeared in the TV series Jonetsu Tairiku and the film School Days with a Pig. Teaches dance at several universities. Loves dogs.

Kotaka Takuro
Born 1984 in Saitama. Creating documentary films since 2004. Owned and managed the second-hand shop Kotaka Syoten and movie theater Nogata-za from 2009 to 2012.

Kuniyasu Takamasa
Installation artist working with logs and burned bricks as materials.



Le Souffleurs Commandos Poétiques
A collective of artists, actors, writers, musicians, singers and dancers who perform by whispering poetry, philosophy, literature etc. into people’s ears using a long tube called a Nightingale.



Mark Salvatus
Based in Manila and Lucban, Philippines. His work deals with familiar objects, accidental encounters, urban life and political activities, which he expresses via multi-disciplines including drawing, installation, photography and video.

Matsukage Hiroyuki
Born 1965 in Fukuoka. The youngest artist to participate the 1990 Venice Biennale, which he did as the art unit Complesso Plastico. Acts as chairman of The Group 1965, a group of artists al l born the same year, but working independently.

Michael Toke
An installation artist who combines painting, photography, video and sculpture hung on a conceptual armature of documentary film practice.

Mishima Akiyoshi
An artist whose crossover activities extend into fashion, graphic design, VJing and filmmaking.

Miyajima Tatsuo
Born 1957 in Tokyo. Vice president of Tohoku University of Art & Design and Kyoto University of Art and Design. Best known for his works that use LEDs and digital counters in different configurations to comment on life and death,and his concept of “Art in You.”

Miyake Yohei
Musician. Vocalist and guitarist for Albatrus. As an activist he broadcasts social messages in his live performances and via the internet.

Miyamoto Hiromu
Born 1985 in Mie. Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Produces 3D works that visualize problems in Japan today using large-scale energy devices such as nuclear reactors, steel towers and transmission lines as a motif.

Mochizuki Yusaku
Born 1988 in Shizuoka. Currently doing postgraduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts under Hibino Katsuhiko. Started street
performance in 2001, expanding his activities to public streets around in Japan and overseas.

Murakami Satoshi
Born 1988 in Tokyo. Graduated from Musashino Art University. His current project involves carrying a house made of Styrofoam on his back and living a nomadic life for several weeks sleeping in the house.

Murakami Takashi
Host of TOKYO FM’s “FM Art Dojo”(FM80.0MHz, 27:00–27:30 on Saturdays).



Unit consisting of Yanaihara Mikuni,choreographer for the dance company Nibroll,and visual artist Takahashi Keisuke. Concerned
with the relationship between body and image,they present their works in gallery spaces to be in close proximity their audiences.

Ohmaki Shinji
Born 1971 in Gifu. Associate Professor, Dept. of Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts. His dynamic installations transform exhibition spaces into something ethereal and otherworldly to awaken the physical sensibilities of viewers.

Ohmura Yukino
Born 1988 in Jilin, China. Graduated in painting from Tama Art University. Depicts astonishingly detailed landscapes and cityscapes using solely cheap, readily available stickers.

Ohta Haruka
Born 1984 in Tokyo. MA Musashino Art University. Perceives a landscape as the result of the relationship between location and people, and creates installations with the distance,difference and boundary of such relationship astheir theme.

Olivier Comte
Actor. Born in Normandy. Active primarily in France but also wor ldwide. Leads the performance group Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques.

Omiya Ellie
Born in Osaka. Writer, playwright, film director,producer, TV commercial director. After working at an ad agency, made her first film: Umi de no hanashi. A radio program “navigator” for J-WAVE.

Open Reel Ensemble
Launched in 2009. Their most recent project involves playing an old-style open-reel tape recorder cum modern computer as a musical instrument.

Otomo Yoshihide
Born 1959. Composer, guitarist, turntablist. Acclaimed worldwide for his musical activities ranging from electro-acoustic improvisation to sound-based art installations.

Ozawa Tsuyoshi
Born 1965 in Tokyo. Began his “Jizo-ing” series,photographing Jizo statues he has made himself situated in different environments, as a student at Tokyo University of the Arts. Major solo shows include “Answer with Yes and No!” (Mori Art Museum, 2004).



project OH!YAMA
The five members of this dance troupe all graduated from Ochanomizu University.Founding member Furuie Yuri, recipient of the “Toyota Choreography Award,” is also active as a choreographer of drama works.



Project unit led by Iseya Yusuke exploring solutions to various unresolved problems in society today with an eye on the future.

Formed in 2006. A creative unit working in multimedia known for their exquisite installations and performances involving high-level technical skills and expression.



Sagiyama Keisuke
Born 1977. Graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Musashino Art University. Best known for his video-based works with the natural landscape as their motifs, but unlike landscape as we know it via painting or documentary film.

Satoh Taku
Graphic Designer. Recent projects include the general direction of the “Design Ah” series on NHK educational TV, and director of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT.

Sebu Hiroko
Composer, singer-songwriter. Graduated from Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Musique de film.Released a double album (Soundtrack of the movie Daijobu 3 Kumi + EP) on March 6.

Sekiguchi Kotaro
Born 1983. Graduated Tama Art University.Known for his sculptures produced using newspaper and packaging tape. Also conducts workshops at museums and public facilities. Awarded the 2012 Taro Okamoto Prize for Kansei Neji (Sensitivity Screw).

Senju Flying Orchestra
BProject unit conducted by Otomo Yoshihide in which “sounds pouring down from the sky” from kites that make sounds and the sound of instruments being played on the ground form an ensemble.

Shibata Yusuke
Born 1980 in Fukuoka. MFA in sculpture from Musashino Art University. Produces installations using photography, video, and threedimensional objects.

Shibusashirazu Orchestra
Large-scale jazz band formed in 1989. Led by Fuwa Daisuke, the band’s many members include not only musicians, but also dancers and choreographers.

Shika Udai
Cellist. Active as a member of Bank Band and The No Problems. Also engages in many other musical activities such as recording, performance backup,and the production of film and CM music.

Shimodaira Chinatsu
Born 1983 in Nagano. MFA from the Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.Using materials such as rubber bands, bells and trees, she attempts to capture successive moments of change to express a world full of energy.

Shimura Nobuhiro
Born 1982 in Tokyo. MFA in Imaging Arts and Sciences from Musashino Art University. Produces video installations, many utilizing multi-projects on a broad scale, which consistently explore the theme of “casting light.”

Shiriagari Kotobuki
Manga artist. Born 1958 in Shizuoka. Professor at Kobe Design University. Best known for his “gag” manga, dark humor and social criticism. Author of Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims, upon which the movie of the same title is based.

Suzuki Risaku
Born 1963 in Wakayama. Associate professor,Tokyo University of the Arts. Recipient of the 2000 Kimura Ihei Award. His photographs of the paths to sacred sites such as Kumano Shrine and Mt. Osore appear in his photobooks Kumano and Piles of time.

Suzuki Yukio
Began training in butoh at Asbestos House in 1997. Head of the contemporary dance company Kingyo since 2000. Noted for his tension-filled dance and choreography that uses compelling placement of dancers with a strong emphasis on their physical presence.



Takekawa Nobuaki
Born 1977 in Tokyo. Graduated in painting from Tokyo University of the Arts. Recent group exhibitions include “Real Japanesque” (The National Museum of Art, Osaka) and “To Wander a Garden” (Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka).

Takeya Daisuke
An interdisciplinary artist whose practice consists of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. The duality of his approach is reflected by his life spent in Japan and abroad.

Tanaka Noriyuki
Creative director, art director, film director, artist working across multiple visual media. Also involved in CM production, CI/branding, design development and creative direction of cultural programs both in Japan and overseas.

Tokiwazu Mojibei
Tokiwazu-style shamisen performer and composer. Holder of the overall designation of Important intangible cultural property for
Tokiwazu-bushi. Recipient of numerous awards,and active in producing and performing inside and outside of Japan.

Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE
Formed in 1987. Based in Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo.In addition to performing throughout Japan, they engage in multinational exchanges and coproductions with artists in France, Germany and other (mostly Eastern European) countries.

Tsubaki Noboru
Born 1953 in Kyoto. Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Known for making artworks that deal with social issues and appeal to both the intellect and the five senses. Art director of Setouchi International Art Festival 2013.

Tsumura Kosuke
Designer. Professor at Musashino Art University.He established the survival fashion brand Final Home to embody the concept of “clothing as the ultimate home.” He works in and across the disciplines of design, art and architecture.



Ujino Muneteru
Born 1964 in Tokyo. Has been producing and showing sound sculptures since the 1990s. His solo exhibition “POP/LIFE” is currently underway at the Hakone Open-Air Museum.



Wago Ryoichi
Born 1968 in Fukushima. His poetry collection,After, received the Nakahara Chuya Prize. In reaction to the quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, he began publishing poems about his experiences in a Twitter feed, now compiled into three volumes.



Yamakawa Fuyuki
Artist, Khoomei singer. Born 1973 in London.Based in Yokohama. Creates sound/visual installations and improvised musical happenings often using his body as a musical instrument.

Yamamoto Takayuki
Born 1974 in Aichi. After studying in London, became an elementary school teacher. He produces video-based installations with materials he collects from workshops he conducts with children.

Yamashiro Chikako
Uses primarily video and photography to produce works on the theme of her native Okinawa. Her new video installation, A Woman of the Butcher Shop, is currently on view at Mori Art Museum.

Yanobe Kenji
Born 1965 in Osaka. Best known for his “Atom Sui t Project ” and “Sun Child” series. Collaborated with Beat Takeshi to produce the
massive sculpture ANGER from the Bottom unveiled in January.