Roppongi Art Night 2013

Multi-course guide

Recommended courses to suit every taste on Roppongi Art Night!

All-Night Course for total TRIPsters

17:30〜 ZONE B:Roppongi Hills Arena

21:30〜 ZONE C:Tokyo Midtown Mid-space: The Tripping Arrow

25:00〜 ZONE D:Roppongi shopping district Lumière Bar

27:00〜 ZONE B:Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View

We recommend this course for those who want to enjoy the whole of Art Night 17:55 – 5:39. After taking in events at the Roppongi Hills Arena and Tokyo Midtown, wrap up your special night at the festival bar drinking in the city skyline.

Take it slow on the art lovers’ Museum Course

13:00〜 ZONE A:The National Art Center, Tokyo
“Artist File 2013 : The NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art”

16:00〜 ZONE B:Mori Art Museum “Makoto Aida: Monument for Nothing”

19:00〜 ZONE C:Suntory Museum of Art “Kabuki Theaters during the Edo Period”

22:00〜 ZONE C:21_21 DESIGN SIGHT “Design Ah!”Exhibition

We recommend this museum tour course for those who want to chill out with the greats on Art Night. Feed you sensibilities on major exhibitions of painting, Kabuki and design. Recommended for couples, too.

Engage all your senses on the Attraction Course

12:15〜 ZONE D:Roppongi shopping district
Roppongi Designer’s Flag Contest 2013 “Flower”

15:00〜 ZONE B:Roppongi Hills Art Night Café

21:00〜 ZONE C:21_21 DESIGN SIGHT PechaKucha × Design Ah! Exhibition

24:00〜 ZONE B:Roaming area BOASTMEN LEAD THE WAY *while supplies last

We recommend this course for those who want a physical charge, seeing, touching and feeling art. Have fun at special events, enjoy orchestra and DJ music, experience talks and walks. It all happens tonight.

Brush up with the master class Art Buff Course

18:00〜 ZONE A:National Art Center, Tokyo Fureru-Hikari

19:30〜 ZONE B:Mori Art Museum Special Program Gekidan ☆ Shiki

21:00〜 ZONE C:Tokyo Midtown Souffleurs

23:00〜 ZONE D:Roaming area Parkformances

Want to get into real art? Immerse your aesthetics in high-tech body expressions, “underground” theater and open-air
performances with a French edge. Get ready for art like you’ve never seen.

All together now on the Trip Course

19:00〜 ZONE C:Tokyo Midtown Blanche Neige

20:00〜 ZONE C:Suntory Museum of Art Tokiwazu Mojibee:
Night of Edo Kabuki

23:30〜 ZONE D:Roaming area Sendo Maru”SS The Pilot”

25:00〜 ZONE B:Roaming area Trip →Project (transit to A zone)

Get moving to get moved! Make Art Night even more special with one-night-only must-sees like the real Snow White and Edo Kabuki. Enjoy arena events and unexpected discoveries and encounters with ships cruising through town.