Roppongi Hills

Around every corner, an encounter with large-scale art installations and live performances awaits!
Roppongi Hills is dotted with large-scale art installations by leading Japanese and international contemporary artists. And during Roppongi Art Night, the town will be energized by a variety of events including music and performances.
Roppongi Hills Official Website

  • Kyota Takahashi's "Lighting Art"
  • Takahiro Fujiwara's Giant Rotating Balloon
  • Du Zhenjun's Interactive Art
  • Fujiko Nakaya's "Fog and Light" Installation
  • Yoshiaki Kaihatsu's Styrene Form Installation
  • Chanchiki Tornade's Live Performance
  • Junko Maruyama's Flower Installation
Kyota Takahashi's "Lighting Art"

Covering the gateway plaza of Roppongi Hills in an aura of light, this unique "one night only" exhibition of the art of light will transport you to another world.

■Place: 66 Plaza
■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 17:59 (Sunset) - March 29 (Sunday) 5:32 (Sunrise)

Fragments of Color Cubes 2008 Towada Art Center (Aomori Prefecture)
Photo: Mitsutaka Kitamura
* The above past works by Kyota Takahashi will not be exhibited on Roppongi Art Night.

Kyota Takahashi

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Takahiro Fujiwara's Giant Rotating Balloon

Look up into the spinning blue balloon with a maximum diameter of 8.5m and you will feel drawn into a vortex of blue and light.

■Place: West Walk
■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 10:00 - March 29 (Sunday) 18:00

into the blue 2008 Cooperation: City of Toronto, Inabata Fine Tech Co., Ltd. Installation view : "Nuit Blanche" Toronto Eaton Centre, Canada

Takahiro Fujiwara

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Du Zhenjun's Interactive Art

Step onto the white carpet and nude humanlike figures holding washrags and brushes appear, following the viewer and erasing all traces of the viewer's presence.

■Place: O-YANE Plaza
■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 17:59 (sunset) - March 29 (Sunday) 5:32 (sunrise)

I Erase Your Trace 2001
Interactive multimedia installation

Du Zhenjun

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Fujiko Nakaya's "Fog and Light" Installation

In Mohri Garden where the cherry trees are in blossom, Fujiko Nakaya will create a fog sculpture. The sight of cherry blossoms at night shrouded in mist beckons you to explore.

■Place: Mohri Garden
■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 17:59 (sunset) ~ March 29 (Sunday) 5:32 (sunrise)

Foggy Forest 1992
Design Cooperation: Atsushi Kitagawara+ILCD, Yuji Morioka, Shiro Takatani
Project Planning: Takano Landscape Planning
Exhibition site: Children's Forest, Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo
Photo: Shigeo Ogawa

©Risaku Suzuki

Fujiko Nakaya

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Yoshiaki Kaihatsu's Styrene Form Installation

Taking his polystyrene foam teahouse series to the next level, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu's Foam Garden in the Forest is a playful and lighthearted garden with a teahouse as its focal point that begs to be explored.

■Place: O-YANE Plaza
■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 10:00 - March 29 (Sunday) 18:00

Happo-en in Winterthur 2006
Exhibition site: Winterthur, Switzerland

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

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Chanchiki Tornade's Live Performance

Parading through Roppongi Hills, the 12-member brass ensemble band will delight visitors with their unique live performance.

■Place: Various spots in Roppongi Hills
■Date: March 28 (Saturday)
■Time: To Be Determined

Malioboro Street Market Parade, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2008

Chanchiki Tornade

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Junko Maruyama's Flower Installation

Using flowers made of used plastic bags, Junko Maruyama blankets and transfigures an urban space with falling water.

■Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 10:00 - March 29 (Sunday) 18:00

Silent Flower Field 2007
Exhibition site: BankArt1929 (Yokohama)

©yuko suzuki

Junko Maruyama

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Art Night Café

Night of ART × MUSIC at Hills Café/Space!

Hills Café/Space will become more than an information center for Roppongi Art Night. It will be venue for talk sessions, video art screening and other art program events all night long!

Date/Time: March 28 (Saturday) 15:00 - March 29 (Sunday) 5: 00(tentative)
Place: Hills Café/Space

Cooperating Facilities, Shops & Restaurants in Roppongi Hills

Tokyo City View (Observation Deck)

For just a single ¥500 coin, you can enjoy the spectacular nightscape from the 52F. View the panorama of Tokyo from sunset to sunrise!

Only on March 28 (Saturday), hours will be extended until 6:00 a.m. the following morning! The admission fee after 24:00 will be only ¥500.
*Admission fee required.

■VENUE: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52nd floor
■ADMISSION: 1,500yen/Adult, 1,000yen/High School and college student (500yen from 24:00 on Sat, 28th, Mar)

■Tokyo City View Official Website

Mori Arts Center Gallery

Hours of the currently featured "Tokyo Concours d' Elegance 2009" exhibition will be specially extended on March 28 (Saturday) until 23:00.
*Admission fee required.

■VENUE: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52nd floor
■ADMISSION: 1,600yen (including the fee for Tokyo City View)

■Tokyo Concours d'Elegance 2009 Official Website

MADO Lounge

Special weekend events are planned for the lounge which will be open from 22:00 until 5:00 the following morning for this special night (tentative).
*Admission fee required.

■inquiry: 03-3470-0052  MADO LOUNGE

■MADO LOUNGE  official website

List of "Late Night" Dining in the Roppongi Hills

Many restaurants and cafes are staying open as late as 5:00 a.m. the following morning so you can enjoy a leisurely night of art and culture.

*The following closing times apply only to March 28 (Saturday), 2009.

Closing Time Zone Floor Restaurant/Café Name Category
-1: 00 HS B1F Bali Café PUTRI
(LO 0:00)
Balinese-style cafe
-2: 00 WW 5F Vegetable House yasaiya Mei
(LO 1:00)
Japanese cuisine
-3: 00 WW 5F The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo
(LO 2:00)
Italian cuisine
-4: 00 WW 5F Roppongi J (Xen)
(LO 3:00)
International cuisine
WW 5F Roppongi J (Bamboo Bar)
(LO 3:00)
Restaurant & bar
(LO 3:30)
Standing bar
HS 2F Hong Kong Tea House Restaurant
(LO 3:00)
Hong Kong-style dim sum, Hunan cuisine and wine
KD 1F STARBUCKS COFFEE Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi Branch Specialty coffee store
KD 1F B bar Roppongi
(LO 3:30)
-5: 00 NT 1F TULLY'S COFFEE Specialty coffee store
NT 1F Cold Stone Creamery Ice cream
NT 1F KOOTS Japanese-style natural & organic café
WW 5F Izakaya Rokuzo
(LO food4:00  drink4:30)
"Shochu" white liqour & seafood
(LO 4:00)
Casual dining
WW 2F STARBUCKS COFFEE West Walk Branch Specialty coffee store
HS 3F Curtain Call
(LO food3:00  drink4:00)
Cafe dining and bar
HS B2F Mohri Salvatore Cuomo
(LO 4:00)
(LO food4:00  drink4:30)
Latin dining hall (multinational cuisine)
KD 2F Il Mulino New York Lounge Comfy
It extends to 5:00.(LO 3:30)
Bar lounge
-5:30 WW 5F kushinobo
It extends to 5:30.(LO 5:00)
Japanese kushiage cuisine



Map of Event Venues


Theme Programs
  • Adventures with Giant Torayan
  • GINGA@Roppongi
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