Roppongi Hills

Takayuki Fukusawa + Tomoya Morohoshi + Toshiya Yui, “Escalator Museum” Town Installations / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

5/25(Sat) 10:00〜5/26(Sun) 18:00
Roppongi Hills Metro Hat Escalator
[Participation fee]
Popular artworks are often swarmed by people, making it difficult for visitors to view the exhibits. “Escalator Museum” is a new style of museum that aims to allow people to appreciate art in an unhurried way. Focusing on the escalator of Metro hat, the artist establishes a gallery in the gaps between the moving staircases where countless apples fall down the slope. Carried slowly by the steps, visitors will be able to enjoy each of the works in comfort, without having to worry about the crowd.


Takayuki Fukusawa

Fukusawa is a creator of humorous art and design works that range from three-dimensional objects to spatial displays.

Tomoya Morohoshi

Morohoshi is an interaction engineer who stages live performances and installations, making use of film and music.

Toshiya Yui

Yui is an artist and interaction engineer whose work revolves around the theme of endowing things with lifelike behavior.