Roppongi Art Night celebrates its 10th edition this year. “Night Journey, Daydream” was chosen as this year’s theme, to reflect our wish to transform Roppongi into an art festival that is held both day and night. We are excited to invite Choi Jeong-Haw as the first main program artist from outside of Japan. He will present a series of large scale works in various locations in the city. Choi has participated in Roppongi Art Night in 2010 and 2016. Through his understanding of the event and the city of Roppongi, Choi will create various opportunities that enable the visitors to interact with the neighborhood through workshops and other activities. We aspire to present as many artworks as possible. Join us with your friends for an art-filled night out in Roppongi, and experience the art of today with your family by day. We look forward to further developing Roppongi Art Night as Tokyo’s premier art festival.

Fumio Nanjo, Chairperson of Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee