Roppongi Hills

Hiroyuki Oda × Akari Takahashi, “ 4’33” ” Town Performances / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

(1)20:30 - 20:36, (2)22:30 - 22:36
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
This performance will showcase contemporary dance and film through a unique interpretation of John Cage’s 4’ 33”. This work is a collaboration between a film teacher and a High School dancer. The artist’s 4 minute 33 second film recording of Tokyo will ignite with 4 minutes 33 seconds of the dancers’ lives. My / her / your 4 minutes 33 seconds. Meeting, crossing, overlapping, passing by. 4 minutes 33 seconds of a night in Tokyo. “I have nothing to say, and I am saying it, and that is poetry.” -John Cage


Hiroyuki Oda

Filmmaker, photographer, and director. Hiroyuki Oda worked at an IB school, where he developed and practiced active learning techniques using movies as a tool at the suggestion of director Nobuhiro Suwa.
His film Schoolgirl won the Platinum Award at the Houston International Film Festival. Selected for Vogue Magazine Italy’s Best of Photovogue (5/3/2017) Dance and video performance for Waiting for Godot (Kurita Museum, 2017) Solo exhibitions.

Akari Takahashi

A.Takahashi, 12th grader, started learning classical ballet from 4 years old under Yukako Sakakibara and contemporary dance under Kimiho Hulbert & Naoya Homan. The 6th National Ballet Competition in Hachioji (5th prize in the classical Jr division); The 15th Ballet Competition in Yokohama (2nd prize in the contemporary Jr division); Caribbean Film Festival Market-Semi-Finalist(“Break The Wall”)