Roppongi Hills

Contact Arts Company, “RINGO” Town Performances / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

5/26(Sat) 23:00 - 23:20
5/27(Sun) 2:30 - 2:50
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
This company seeks to find ways of expressing the body through contact body work. Performers incorporate dance elements and improvisational movements, all the while remaining in contact, to yield a unique art performance. For this performance, Roppongi Hills Arena will become the “core” of the earth, expressing everything from sea to land, and even the present day. * RINGO = Apple


Contact Arts Company

A performing group formed by Umika Iwai and Yasuyo Suzuki when the two – who have experience in all kinds of dance – met four years ago through their common interest in Acro Yoga. Since 2017, the group has been particularly active, holding performances by its unique rule of making all “contact improvisation” on the legs of performers.
Major performances:
A Dance Festival for Young Beasts 2018/ Dance Hana 2017 Vol.27/ Chikyu (Earth) Fantasia Vol 4. Migram Live/ Theater 21 Fes Vol.63 and others.