SIDE CORE, “rode work” Town Installations

EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD 《rode work》 Photo Courtesy: Reborn-Art Festival 2017 Photo: SHUJI GOTO

5/26(Sat) 15:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00
Imoaraizaka Parking Area
The artist will display a chandelier created from the lighting equipment used for nighttime construction, and a film showing a construction site that became a skate park. These pieces are the work of art unit EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD, and they were originally created at ONEPARK, a skate park developed in a disaster- struck Motokura warehouse in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. For this event, they have recreated the chandelier using nighttime construction equipment from Tokyo, and have shot images in Tokyo that have been integrated into the film. This experimental work links Tokyo with a site of natural disaster, viewed from the perspective of street culture.



Founded in 2012. An artist collective managed by Sakie Takasu, Tohru Matsushita and Taishi Nishihiro. They have held many exhibitions with the theme of “expanding the expression within urban space.” In recent years they presented “MIDNIGHT WALK tour,” a freeform exhibition using the entire city. Together with artists, they dot the city with works in guerilla fashion and go around putting graffiti on buildings and walls. They also manage an urban studio/multi-use space. They unpack the rules for public spaces, find the loopholes and then give birth to new actions.