TOMINAGA BOND, “BOND ART” Town Installations


5/26(Sat) 11:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00

Live Painting May 26 (Sat) 20:00 - May 27 (Sun) 18:00
* It will end as soon as it is completed, Intermissions will take place.

Workshop May 26 (Sat) , May 27 (Sun) 11:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 16:00
* Please participate in clothes that you won't bother getting dirty.
Roppongi-nishi Park
[Participation fee]
TOMINAGA BOND creates paintings using various painting materials and woodworking bond, a distinct style titled “Bond Art ®”. You’ll be able to enjoy his work through a giant live painting and workshop. There will be an opportunity for those in attendance to collaborate creatively. The artist works with the theme of connecting art and place, with the hope that both children and adults can feel the joy of painting. This work aligns closely with that very theme.



Tominaga Bond is a Japanese artist who performs live paintings with the motif of creating “bonds” between people.
Bond Art is an original form of painting using wood glue to connect various shapes and colors. It is based on the creative theme of “Connecting (or Bonding)” people together through the activity of an improvised, public painting performance. The 3-Dimensional, glossy black lines from the wood glue are a distinctive feature of Bond Art. Tominaga Bond’s unique style is becoming widely recognized throughout Japan and was also highly admired at the world’s largest Art Festival, The ART EXPO NEW YORK in 2014. After the global exposition in New York, he signed a contract with The SOHO Gallery where his paintings were showcased. The Paris Art Shopping Festival in 2016 is another opportunity to showcase his paintings. Tominaga Bond’s primary artistic theme is “Humans” and his objective is to make an impact on social welfare. He provides “Bond Art Therapy” by associating live paintings with medical care in the rehabilitation department. He frequently hosts workshops and therapy sessions for patients with mental, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. His goal is to become a globally influential painter to provide support to the field of medical care and social welfare by connecting people through art.