DUNDU, “The Giant of Lights”

DUNDU by Tobias Husemann

(1) 18:45 -
(2) 20:30 -
(3) 22:00 -
* Each performance will be 30 minutes.
* Please note that the venue may change or the performance may be cancelled in case of rain.
(1) Roppongi Hills Arena
(2) The National Art Center, Tokyo, outside the building
(3) Tokyo Midtown Plaza 1F
[Participation fee]
Program planning: After Cloudy Company
Cooperation: Circus Promoters IPS LTD
DUNDU, a puppet theater company based in Stuttgart, Germany, will make their first visit to Japan! Five-meter-tall luminescent puppets will give magical performances at three Roppongi Art Night locations.



A puppet theater company based in Stuttgart, Germany whose name is the title of their performance. The puppets, which come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from a five-meter-tall giant puppet to a one-meter-tall “little puppet,” move freely and have a diverse repertoire, from outdoors festivals to indoor stages. In particular, the magical outdoor performances of puppets illuminated with LED lights are popular worldwide. The movements, which are made by five people in each puppet, are said to be influenced by the Japanese puppet art of Bunraku. They possess an indescribable beauty.