Roppongi Hills

BMW “THE ALL-NEW BMW X2 ART CAR” Roppongi Hills Programs

5/26(Sat) 10:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00
Roppongi Hills, Roku-Roku Plaza
[Participation fee]
BMW X2, born from a philosophy of UNFOLLOW, is an outcome of pursuing creativity to the extreme.
Shingo Katori is an UNFOLLOW-ing artist who fights to pursue his own way through.
The two have joined a collaboration to create a strong art piece that covers the body of X2 with vibrant colors trying to break out the mold of impersonality and regain freedom.
Enjoy an inspiring BMW which no one has ever seen before.


Shingo Katori

Born on January 31st, 1977, in Yokohama, Kanagawa.
Released debut album in 1991.
Launched official fan site ‘ATARASHIICHIZU’ on September 22nd, 2017.

In addition to a history of receiving awards at the Galaxy Awards, The Television Drama Academy Awards, and Hashida (Sugako) Awards, he also won the Inspiration Award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2017. Extremely popular on social media, he gained 140,000 followers within 3 days after creating an Instagram account, and currently boasts 1,470,000 followers. Last year, he won the “#MVI (Most Valuable Instagrammer in Japan) 2017” Award for being the celebrity with the highest follower growth rate. In addition to his acting and singing career, he is also involved in a wide range of other activities including art. His unique and diverse artworks have attracted the attention of many artists and celebrities.