Someone’s Garden x Atelier MAAN, “Uroboros, the gate into Eternity” Town Installations / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

5/26(Sat) 10:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00
Roppongi-nishi Park
[Participation fee]
The image of “Uroboros” has existed since ancient times in myths and legends throughout the world, as a serpent swallowing its own tail to form a ring, thereby becoming a symbol of continuity. After passing through the gates of Uroboros, you will be surrounded by meditative sounds, and as you walk along the cascade of trees arranged in a figure eight, the shadow of light will appear in the night. Artist, curator, and editor Someone’s Garden and artist Atelier MAAN have come together to create this interactive work in Roppongi. Feel with your entire body the moment that this “Legend of Time” comes to life.


Someone’s Garden x Atelier MAAN

Someone's Garden, the creative unit of Daisuke Nishimura and Asako Tsurusaki, which is engaged in everything from books to digital innovation, and Atelier MAAN, the participatory experience art group of Haruo Kato and Mariko Tachikawa, which continues to communicate the importance of art that can be felt with the body, have joined together as a project team for Roppongi Art Night 2018. They are aiming to promote, regardless of method, the importance of experiencing bodily sensations non-judgmentally.