Suntory Museum of Art

Hana Hayashiya, Shoji Miyata, KYOKO, “ENGEI Show” Suntory Museum of Art Programs

From left to right: Hana Hayashiya, Shoji Miyata, KYOKO

5/26(Sat) 18:30 - 19:30, 20:00 - 21:00,
21:30 - 22:30
* About 20min performance multiplied by 3 times
* We may have the entrance regulation due to peak moment
Suntory Museum of Art 1F Lecture room
[Participation fee]
From the well-known entertainment of the theater, performers will improvise in response to members of the audience. In “Cut Paper,” Hana Hayashiya will cut shapes from paper; in “Edo Urigoe,” Shoji Miyata will chat in modern day sales pitches to describe the elegance of Edo; in “Wazuma,” KYOKO will perform Japanese traditional magic, with performances unfolding from one to the next. Look forward to the delightful conversation! Each segment of the performance lasts approximately 20 minutes.


Hana Hayashiya

In 1995 became a disciple of Imamaru Hayashiya, Japan’s best paper-cutting performer. In 2007 was renamed Hana Hayashiya. She is the first female paper-cutting performer in the yose (Japanese vaudeville) world's 300-year history.

Syoji Miyata

Made his debut in the manzai (duo comedy) world in 1955 as part of the duo Yoji and Syoji. After the duo was disbanded, became active as a comic storyteller and MC. Currently the only Japanese-style storyteller truly performing the 100 famous Edo (old name for Tokyo) hawker’s cries.


She created a unique “magic world” with performances generated from music and beautiful dancing. Her performances of ancient magic tricks called wazuma combine buyo (classical Japanese dance) and Japanese-style magic tricks. She is a wazumashi (performer of traditional Japanese magic) recognized by the Japan Professional Magicians’ Association.