The National Art Center, Tokyo

Music Concert (Shakuhachi and Shamisen’s ensemble) Shakuhachi: Kandō Chikuzen; Shamisen: Baiseizan Katō, Jun Takahashi 《“The heart of Japan” – entrusting the thoughts of my hometown to sound –》

5/26(Sat) 18:30 - 20:00
The National Art Center, Tokyo Exhibition Gallery 2A (inside the Sanki Art Exhibition Gallery)
[Admission fee]
The classical Japanese instruments the Shakuhachi and Shamisen pull at the hearts of Japanese people. Their sound and woven melodies evoke feelings of hardship, joy and healing, and memories of home. The tones produced by these classical instruments are nostalgic, warm and sad. Thoughts and feelings will be played with the Shakuhachi and Shamisen. The musician Chikuzen has been mastering the Shakuhachi’s sound for more than 40 years. This concert also took place in the U.S.A., and in every it deeply moved the audience’s heart. Encouraged by artistic efforts and with the belief that “Every moment that I am alive is on stage”, this “heart of Japan” was pieced together and is being greeted by great reactions.


Shakuhachi: Kandō Chikuzen; Shamisen: Baiseizan Katō

Lives in Yurihonjō city, Akita Prefecture. Studied the classical shakuhachi under Taneichi Fumon (deceased) and the Tsugaru shamisen under Umewaka Baisei. He currently heads the Chikuzenkai shakuhachi and shamisen school. He has many disciples who has compiled an outstanding record in domestic contests. He has won much acclaim for his technique, which draws on the style of the famous Umewakakai, as well as for inheriting and widely diffusing Japanese traditional performing arts and music and for activities that have highlighted the hearts of Japanese people. He has performed lives in various parts including Japan and the United States.

Jun Takahashi

Born on April 19, 1990, 28 years old.
2012: Grand Prize, Akita Magouta National Convention
2015: Grand Prize, Akita Prefecture Folk Songs and Dance Association Competition as welll as many other titles.
He is currently active as a Tsugaru shamisen performer at Chikuzenkai, a school for shakuhachi and shamisen.