Tokyo Midtown

epa! Musashino Art University Design Lounge, “Colorized Night” Tokyo Midtown Programs

5/26(Sat) 18:30 - / 19:30 - / 20:30 -
Tokyo Midtown Galleria Gate (Gaienhigashi-Avenue)
[Participation fee]
“epa!” is a performance art group founded by Musashino Art University students, aiming to unite high expertise with knowledge and value, for the production of spectacle shows. Their theme for Roppongi Art Night is “How the lights play”. In a world that has lost its brilliance, little by little their performance will depict the resurgence of color and light. The world will shine once again, as the colors and lights dance in the night.


epa! / Musashino Art University Design Lounge

A group of students at Musashino Art University engaged in stage work. With 60 members, the group receives acclaim for every performance, for which they of course do all the work, from planning to scriptwriting. Students gather from various specialties, with high-levels of specialized skills and knowledge and unite through a clash of values to make entertainment performance shows.