Tokyo Midtown

Eiji Yamane, “Let’s draw leaves with strings.” Tokyo Midtown Programs / Street Art Performances

5/26(Sat) 19:00 - 5/27(Sun) 4:30
Tokyo Midtown Plaza B1F Metro Avenue
[Participation fee]
Free * 5 people for each time / people are shifted by time
Eiji Yamane uses string to communicate his unique worldview. He starts by creating a line drawing that layers floral motifs with a figure in movement (full-body self-portrait). He then reinforces those lines with dyed cotton string, creating a human figure fabricated from a thin sheet of lace. In addition to exhibiting this work at Roppongi Art Night, the artist will also conduct a workshop where participants can employ the same techniques to create their own artwork. The complete work will come together through the finished pieces made by each participant.


Eiji Yamane

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1978. Artist. In 2004 completed his sculpture major in the Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Fine Arts. Taking as his theme “the relationship between the body, space and information” he creates line drawings using string as a material. Among his recent exhibitions are “One More Space” (Studio Conte/ Iidabashi, 2014) and “Drawing with String” (AYUMI GALLERY/Kagurazaka, 2017)