Company program

Sheila Hicks, “TODAI” Simultaneous Program

5/26(Sat) 10:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00
[Participation fee]
Sheila Hicks’s artwork will arrive at the office entrance of TRI-SEVEN ROPPONGI. Sheila Hicks applies water to the functional buildings that we utilize in daily life in order to purify. Take note of the fusion of her work and PEMBROKE design architecture.


Sheila Hicks

Exploring the hidden possibilities of traditional weaving, Sheila Hicks has deftly combined the cultural elements of Persia and India and other regions in her textile art. The materials she uses and the ways she uses them reflect a contemporary pulse and have a distinctive air of mysteriousness. Hicks’s works give warmth to today’s functional and materialistic architecture – they seem to have a purifying effect on them. Her new installation Todai, which has been set up at the office entrance of Tri-Seven Roppongi, stands more than 3 meters high. The work’s motif is a lighthouse and the lights illuminating the work move with the passing of time, evoking the light movements of a lighthouse.