Roppongi Hills

Hills Art & Life Project “Community Engagement Program”, “Tsumuki Project – Weaving Voices” Roppongi Hills Programs

Photo: Tatsunori Tayama

5/26(Sat) 13:00 - 5/27(Sun) 18:00
Roppongi Hills Hillside 1F
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Mori Building Co., Ltd., Mori Art Museum
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For the 15th anniversary of Roppongi Hills, people with an affinity for the city came together to engage in discussions and creative activities as part of workshops that started in February 2018. As they reflected on Roppongi’s path leading to this point and assembled their thoughts for the future, the members created a symbol. This symbol will become a means of gathering countless thoughts for the duration of Roppongi Art Night, where spectators can join in by contributing their words.