Roppongi Hills

+81, “Eighty-one Moment” Roppongi Hills Programs

Photo: Hiroyasu Daido

5/27(Sun) 16:20 - 16:40
Roppongi Hills Arena
Guerrilla dance performance by Masahiro Yanagimoto and Friends. A Japanese contemporary dance performance, welcoming Atsushi Tsubouchi on percussions.



A dance unit comprising Masahiro Yanagimoto (director, choreography, composition) and artists working on the vanguard both domestically and overseas. Formed in 2011. They are recognized as dancers who communicate freely and skillfully with just their bodies from the world created through their distinctive look and sophisticated dance techniques.
Representative Masahiro Yanagimoto has established a unique contact method based on his eight yeas of experience spent in a German-Dutch dance company. Also well-versed in theater, Yanagimoto extracts stories from individual physical characteristics and incidental dance moves made in everyday life and spins them into a new tale.

Atsushi Tsubouchi

Percussionist. He travelled around Africa studying percussion. He combines African drums and other percussion instruments in his performance. He is especially influenced by dance music, as well as the traditional music of Africa, Japan, and Asia. He appears in live shows in Japan and abroad, as well as at music and art festivals. He also works in collaboration with various artists as well as on workshops and live street performances.