Roppongi Hills

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra x inVisible, “Radio Calisthenics in Live Crassical Music!” Roppongi Hills Programs

5/27(Sun) 5:00 - 6:00
Roppongi Hills Arena
The popular “Classical Radio Exercise” will be back again this year! The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra will perform classical music and the familiar ‘Radio Exercise’ music, perfect for starting a new day. Get off to a fresh start listening to soothing classical music while doing your morning exercises!


Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Founded by people including Akeo Watanabe in June 1956, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the leading orchestras in Japan with 60 years of history. Its highly acclaimed, once-in-a-lifetime performances are the result of the strong bond between the musicians and their passion for music. The orchestra’s educational and community scheme, Music Forest, has continued to open up the relationship between the orchestra and society. Attracting attention for its diverse and innovative activities, the outreach projects include sustained engagement with areas hit by natural disasters, development of new educational programs such as music workshops, and partnerships with local government offices such as Suginami ward as well as universities, music halls, art museums, developers, and non-profit organizations.
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By leveraging the great potential of art, inVisible offers a creative locus, developing projects and giving expert consultation for community development, creative placemaking, education and other societal challenges.Art is not a mere object to be appreciated or experienced. Art is a medium, a platform, an engineering force, to connect the otherwise disconnected, to expand the horizon of our imagination, and thus to offer an alternative perspective and possibility to think, do and be.
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