Greater Roppongi Area Programs: 《Before Flower》 TSUBAKI Noboru

Look out! It's 13 meters high!
A giant monster descends on Roppongi!

Image of the new work
《Mother Night》

Image of the new work
《Before Flower》

Artist TSUBAKI Noboru is well known for making artworks that deal with social issues and that appeal to both the intellect and the five senses. For Roppongi Art Night 2010, he presents a new work, 《Before Flower》. By "before flower," TSUBAKI means gymnosperm plants, which for a long time were considered to be inferior to angiosperms, or flowering plants. But, the fact is, it is gymnosperm plants – such as conifers and Gingko trees, which do not flower but sprout so-called "naked" seeds – that deliver vast quantities of oxygen to the surface of the earth. As a result, they are an important force in maintaining the diversity of our planet's ecosystem, from insects right up the food chain. This artwork is conceived as a kind of expression of thanks to gymnosperms. The work contains a number of screens, which change in reaction to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by visitors.
There are also balloons representing oxygen, carbon dioxide and spores, which help convey the meaning of the work.

■Dates :
17:30, Saturday, March 27
12:00-18:00, Sunday, March 28
※10:00-18:00, Sunday, March 28 at Tokyo Midtown and The National Art Center, Tokyo
■Venues : Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo Midtown Garden Square, The National Art Center, Tokyo Canopy-coverd area

Born 1953. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kyoto City University of the Arts. In 1993, participated in the Venice Biennale. At Yokohama Triennale 2001, exhibited a giant inflatable cricket, called Insect World - Cricket. In 2009, held a large solo exhibition, "TSUBAKI Noboru 2004-2009: GOLD/BLACK/WHITE." Currently serves as a professor in the space design department of Kyoto University of Art and Design.

■The appearance of 《Before Flower》, the exciting opening act

■The gymnosperms, "ARGOS" and "URMOS", release their spores!

<Schedule for the distribution of the "Spores ball">
[Roppongi Hills : Roppongi Hills Arena]
17:30〜, Saturday, March 27 (For the first 2000 people)
5:00〜, Sunday, March 28 (For the first 500 people)

[Tokyo Midtown : Garden Square]
18:30〜、20:30〜、22:30〜, Saturday, March 27 (For the first 1000 people, each time)
0:30〜、2:30〜、4:30〜, Sunday, March 28 (For the first 500 people, each time)

[Than National Art Center, Tokyo : Canopy-coverd area]
18:00〜、19:30〜、21:30〜、23:30〜, Saturday, March 27 (For the first 1000 people, each time)
1:30〜、3:30〜, Sunday, March 28 (For the first 500 people, each time)

《Moon Walker》
The performance in London, 2009
■For a moment only, “Moon Walker” comes down to earth

A full schedule of all-night events at Ropongi Hills Arena!


17:30〜22:00 Opening act : “The Appearance of Before Flower”
17:30 Ceremony
17:50 Floating of “Mother Night”
19:40 DANCE by NUMAKURA Tamiko, TAKEDA Mayuko, YOKOYAMA Mina, MITO Orie
21:00〜 TUBAKI Noboru's Talk Session, Japanese only
Guests : NAGASHIMA Rikako, OOYAGI Tsubasa
22:30〜 Performances by the dancing spores!
23:30 Compagnie des Quidams' performance of “Rêve d'Herbert”
24:00〜3:00 Art yaki-imo (roasted sweet potatoes) on sale by Yotta Groove
24:30~ Performances by the dancing spores
2:00〜 TSUBAKI Noboru's “Moon Walk”
3:00~ Performances by the dancing spores
4:00~ Performances by the dancing spores
5:00~ Performances by the dancing spores
5:30 Closing : “Mother Night in Slumber”

※The programs will be changed because of the bad weather.

Ittekimasu NIPPON series「KINTOKI」©Yotta Groove

It's kids' time during the day on Sunday, March 28!

○Can you become a spore? (Photo opportunity)
■Dates:12:00~18:00, Sunday, March 28
■Free of charge

○Let's make “Mother Night Jr.”!
■Dates:12:00~18:00, Sunday, March(For the first 100 people)
■Free of charge

○Yotta Groove Performances
<Live Performances>
■Dates:12:30~、14:30~、16:30~, Sunday, March 28
<Yaki-imo on sale>
■Dates:12:00~18:00, Sunday, March 28

* The completed work may differ in appearance from the photo.

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