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10:00, Saturday, 27 March till 6:00 a.m., Sunday, 28 March(extended open hours)
* Admission after 24:00 on Saturday, 27 March until 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, 28 March is ¥500.
* Ticket valid for admission to the Tokyo City View, Mori Art Center Gallery and Mori Art Museum [From 24:00, Saturday, 27 March till 6:00 a.m. the following morning.] Tickets usually cost ¥1,500

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Roppongi Crossing 2010: Can There Be Art?

“Roppongi Crossing” is a series of exhibitions held every three years that introduces the work of diverse artists and creators with an eye to presenting a vision of the future of the Japanese art scene. Each “Roppongi Crossing” is planned by different curators, meaning the perspective is always fresh and original. The series represents a "crossing" of the most exciting creative talent Japan has to offer.
This, the third in the series, highlights the ambitions and dynamic talents who are today actively turning the pages of Japanese art history. The exhibition represents a “crossing” of diverse output – photography, sculpture, installation, video, graffiti, performance and so on – by 20 artists and units ranging from up-and-coming stars to art world veterans.

■Dates : Saturday, 20 March to Sunday, 4 July
■Hours : 10:00-22:00; 10:00-17:00 on Tuesdays
* 3/27 (Sat) open until 6:00 a.m. the following morning and 5/4 (Tue) open until 22:00
■Admission : Adult: ¥1,500;
■Exhibited artists : AIKAWA Masaru, AOYAMA Satoru, AMEMIYA Yosuke, UJINO, KATO Tsubasa, KOGANEZAWA Takehito, contact Gonzo, SHIGA Lieko, SUZUKI Hiraku, TAKAMINE Tadasu, Dumb Type, Chim↑Pom, TERUYA Yuken, HITOTZUKI (Kami + Sasu), MORIMURA Yasumasa, YAHATA Aki, YOKOMIZO Shizuka, YONEDA Tomoko, Rogues' Gallery etc.
■Curators :
KINOSHITA Chieko (Lecturer, Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design)
KUBOTA Kenji (Independent Curator)
KONDO Kenichi (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Cross Talk 2010

The objective of this event is to discuss in general terms the role that art should play in society and also to think about art in Japan today. In the first part, the three exhibition curators describe the exhibition concept, the participating artists and their artworks. At the same time, they explore the possibilities for art emerging out of recent movements in the Japanese art world. The second part sees a special talk session between BuBu De la MADELEINE, who performed in Dumb Type's S/N, which is included in the exhibition, and ASADA Akira, who was one of the first critics to laud Dumb Type's work. Don't miss this opportunity to talk about the Japanese artists who are actively turning the pages of this nation's art history.

■Speakers : ASADA Akira (Dean, Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduate School), KINOSHITA Chieko (Lecturer, Osaka University, Center for the Study of Communication-Design), KUBOTA Kenji (Independent Curator), BuBu De la MADELEINE (artist), and KONDO Kenichi (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)
■Date : 14:00-17:00 Saturday, 27 March
■Venue : Quarante B, Academyhills 40, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 40th floor
■Organizers : Mori Art Museum, Academyhills
■Capacity : 250 (bookings required)
■Admission : Adult ¥1,000, Student & MAMC Member ¥500
■Bookings : Mori Art Museum Website
*Japanese-English and sign language simultaneous interpretation available

contact Gonzo
Performance in Oita, 2008
Photo:TODA Yuichi


Live painting performance by SUZUKI Hiraku + Shing02

Collaboration performance by "Roppongi Crossing 2010" artist SUZUKI Hiraku and Shing02, an energetic Japanese lyricist and producer who works in both California and Japan. The pair has collaborated on a variety of projects in the past, including a performance at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. SUZUKI has also designed the title lettering on one of Shing02's CD jackets. As part of the exhibition, SUZUKI presents a vivid new installation using reflective panels. For this performance, SUZUKI creates a giant painting in response to Shingo02's live MC show.

■Performers : SUZUKI Hiraku, Shing02
■Date : 23:00- Saturday, 27 March
■Admission : Free (Exhibition ticket required)

Performance by UJINO + contact Gonzo

This dream match between exhibition artist UJINO and contact Gonzo is for one night only. UJINO's works often include musical elements and take the form of "sound sculptures" called The Rotators assembled from existing objects such as baseball bats and electric drills. Meanwhile, over the last few years, Osaka-based unit, contact Gonzo, has gained an international reputation for their dynamic and confrontational performances that at first appear like fistfights. This performance takes place using UJINO's newest work in The Rotators series, giant sound installation at the exhibition. UJINO creates the sounds while contact Gonzo provides the dynamic performance.

■Performers : UJINO, contact Gonzo
■Date : 1:00 a.m.- Sunday, 28 March
■Venue : Mori Art Museum
■Admission : Free (exhibition ticket required)

Gallery Talk

Exhibition staff discuss a selection of the exhibited artworks in the galleries.
* To be held within the Mori Art Museum galleries. Times to be confirmed.

■Date : 21:00- Saturday, 27 March

* The completed work may differ in appearance from the photo.

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