Roppongi Hills

DJ&VJ LIVE SHOWCASE – Speechless -

May 27 (Sat), 23:00 – 28 (Sun), 2:00
Roppongi Hills Café/Space
[Participation fee]
"Hills Café/Space will hold a 'DJ&VJ LIVE SHOWCASE ~Speechless~' by popular artists active in various fields.

In the format of DJ, the music this time will be handled by MASATO YUKAWA, who boasts a unique sense of surfing, fashion, music, and life, and boasts charismatic popularity. UNA+MATCHA is a DJ unit that has expanded its range of activities as a creative unit "OWNCEAN", which has been active in fashion and music, but has recently expanded its activities to include photography, video, and art. The VJ will be SOLO from VIDEOGRAPHER, who has become popular for his various movies that make full use of his unique cutting and effects, and whose work mainly comes from the fashion field. "Speechless" is a phrase used when you are amazed, surprised, moved, or angry. It emotionally expresses the expressions of various creatures that coexist with each other. "



Pro Surfer / Creative Director

Born in Tokyo in January 1992 and raised in Shonan, Chigasaki.
Masato Yukawa boasts a charismatic popularity with a unique sense in many areas such as surfing, fashion, music, and life.
When he was a teenager, he traveled around the country in contests, and at the age of 17 he was selected to represent Japan at the ISAU-18. With his own lifestyle and highly entertaining surfing as strengths, he travels around the world and is active in many media as a professional free surfer.
Following this, he received his SPECIAL AWARD at the Japan Action Sports Association JASA AWARDS, which is given to people who have contributed to the development of action sports. In the modern era where surfing as a competition at the Olympics is becoming more popular, he is not bound by contest surfing, and is a lifestyle unique to him who knows the essence of surfing as “freedom”. In 2022, he is the world's number one surf media, and only 20 of the world's top artists are invited by STAB MAGAZINE.

He has another side however. After working as a creative director for a unique watch brand for 7 years, he established the creative label "GODPANIC". We also plan and produce brand events. He is truly a hybrid being who will lead the Reiwa era.


Born in Nagoya in 1999. After graduating from high school, he moved to Canada at the age of 18 and entered a local university. While he was in college, he started making personal vlogs and cinematic movies. After returning to Japan, he began working on commercial projects and started working as a freelance video creator, inspired by the work he published on YouTube, he incorporated in 2022. While specializing in fashion movies that make full use of innovative cutting and effects, he is also working on video production in a wide range of genres, including as a VJ.


Started activities as a DJ duo in 2017.
Appearing in domestic and international fashion parties and club events with edgy and ever-changing play. In addition, they have started a new activity as the creative unit "OWNCEAN", which expresses various expressions such as photography, video, and art. Through fashion and music, they are sending out their one and only style.