Main Program

Koheysai Kawamura + Daiho Soga + Sho Tatsuta + Udai Shika
Main Program

May 28 (Sun), 0:00 - 1:00
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
This is a shadow play and sound performance by musicians and performers Koheisai Kawamura (shadow painter, Taikuh Jikang), Daiho Soga (circo de sastre), and Sho Tatsuta (notremusica orchestra), Udai Shika, who have collaborated with CINEMA CARAVAN on various activities.
Come enjoy a special evening with these three artists, which you can only experience at Roppongi Art Night.


Koheysai Kawamura

Shadow puppet performer and musician. Born in Tokyo in 1980, Kawamura studied Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) and gamelan (traditional Indonesian percussion music) in Bali, Indonesia for two years. He gives shadow puppet and music performances in Asia and throughout the world. He has also gained much attention for his efforts to preserve traditional stories by presenting them in the form of shadow puppet plays in fieldwork and workshops conducted throughout Japan. He is a leader of the gamelan music unit Taikuh Jikang and the winner of the 2016 Gotoh Cultural Award in the division of Fine Arts.

Daiho Soga

Lead organizer and producer of circo de sastre, and leader of the music group CINEMA dub MONKS.
Based on the theme of music with a story, he performs improvisation and sound collages, and combines this with reading and building-block performances in various places around the world. He specializes in improvisation using flutes, tape recorders, stringed and keyboard instruments, and toys that make sounds, and has performed and recorded with Hanaregumi, Kazumi Nikaido, Ikuko Harada (clammbon), Toshiyuki Terui (previously with BLANKEY JET CITY), Kicell, Manami Kakudo, Rekishi and many others. He also performs and produces music for TV commercials.

Sho Tatsuta

Having studied songwriting and piano, he composes, conducts, and plays piano in his own orchestra, “notremusica orchestra.” The music is performed by a wide variety of musicians who participate in each project, and the artist provides music and sound works for concerts, clothing, runway shows at fashion weeks, exhibitions, architectural facilities, commercial complexes, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, advertising, folk art, metro Tokyo and prefectures.
In the art collective “notremusica orchestra,” he produces spatial works, installations, sculptures, sound works, websites as “directional” works and system design as art, and architectural works.

Udai Shika

An indigenous cellist active in rock, pop, jazz, classical, and improvisational music.
One of the top string arrangers supporting the Japanese music world.
He is also a member of Bank Band and has participated in many rock bands such as Mr. Children, ONE OK ROCK, and Koji Miyamoto as a string player and arranger.
In October 2019, he released "Sun Valley", bringing to mind Bach's unaccompanied cello suite.
He is also known for his performance style that incorporates improvisation into both original songs and classical music.