Tokyo Midtown

Vincent Ruijters
SHADOWPLAY (feat. Daisuke Omiya, Amantina Jean)
Roppongi Street Theater #02

photo: Yulia Skogoreva

5/28 (Sun) 1:00am-1:30am *Door Open 0:45am
Video screening:
5/28 (Sun) 2:30am-5:00am
Tokyo Midtown Plaza B1, In front of the sculpture “ Ishinki”
Video screening:
Tokyo Midtown Galleria 1st Floor
[Participation fee]

Support : Mondrian Fund
"SHADOWPLAY" is a global telematic performance connecting Amsterdam and Tokyo. Two performers dance with each other's shadow from the other side of the globe in this contemporary exploration of identity and relationships.The performance will be held simultaneously in Amsterdam and Tokyo. Amanantina Jean (Amsterdam) and Daisuke Omiya (Tokyo) will dance live with each other through their shadows.The Tokyo performance is set next to sculpture "Ishinki" by artist Ken Yasuda.


Vincent Ruijters

Vincent Ruijters .PhD. Born 1988 in The Netherlands.
Ruijters is an artist who focusses on the phenomenology of intimacy and (ethnic) identity. His work explores how contemporaneity shifts and morphs these phenomena.By crossing boundaries of inner space and outer public space, his goal is also to challenge notions of intimacy.
The performance "SHADOWPLAY" features Daisuke Omiya and Amatina Jean.Daisuke, who choreographed for Mirai Moriyama at the Tokyo Olympic 2020 opening ceremony, is active as a dancer, choreographer, and video artist. Amantina Jean is a dancer based in Amsterdam. Music by John van Beek.