Suga Takuya

5/1(Mon) onwards
Official YouTube channel “RAN TV”
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This is animation is brimming with birthdays and cake. A flying birthday present, a clockwork cake, a birthday cake waiting in an elevator, music to sweeten strawberries, strawberries becoming the sun, a cake with planets on it, and a menu of much more. We hope you will use your imagination and taste the different birthdays and cakes!


Suga Takuya

Suga has painted as he pleased without any formal training. He began to pursue his work seriously by drawing event flyers, and in the 20 years since, he has done murals, live paintings, solo exhibitions, installations, and various design projects, and through all of these things has also been creating animation. In the future he plans to produce not only music videos and short animations, but also feature films, graphic novels, and picture books.