Yoshinari Nishio + Students of Tokyo University of the Arts
Alternative 3 Venues : Roppongi Middle School

The first photo:
Yoshinari Nishio Park to Change Clothes, 2019
Installation view: Roppongi Art Night 2019
Mikawadai Park, Tokyo

May 27 (Sat) – 28 (Sun)
Roppongi Junior High School
[Participation fee]
Nishio, who worked on the main program in 2014 and the downtown program in 2019 under the theme of “clothing and communication,” will further learn from the surrounding community and present a “shared space” created together with local residents, this time as a work of art.
The second of the 3 sites is Roppongi Middle School, which is steeped in history. We will explore with students the unique expressions that can only be found here.

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Alternative 3 Venues: Roppongi Middle School—The clock out of step

Midori Miyamori (graduate student)

Art club students at Roppongi Middle School will engage visitors in an interactive art tour at their school to convey the rich history of the area. The experience is intended to add another layer of meaning to Roppongi and how visitors experience it. Preregistration is required.


Yoshinari Nishio + Students at Tokyo University of the Arts

Nishio was born in 1982 in Nara, Japan. He is an artist as well as Associate Professor at the Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. He has been developing projects in Japan and abroad that focus on the relationship between the act of dressing and communication. He is the creator of the fashion brand NISHINARI YOSHIO. In recent years, he has been exploring the role of art in society from a practical standpoint through various projects and curatorial work based on the theme of “art as mutual learning.”