Hisamitsu Harashima
Open call project selected work

May 27 (Sat)
1. 15:00 -
2. 20:00 -
3. 23:00 -
*Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes

May 28 (Sun)
1. 2:00 -
2. 11:00 -
3. 13:30 -
4. 16:45 -
*Each performance lasts approximately 30 minutes
May 27 (Sat)
1. Roppongi Hills Mohri Garden
2. Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
3. Lapiross Roppongi

May 28 (Sun)
1. Lapiross Roppongi
2. Lapiross Roppongi
3. Tokyo Midtown, Midtown Garden
4. Tokyo Midtown Plaza 1st Floor

*The event may be cancelled or the location changed due to weather conditions. Details will be announced on the official website on the day of the event.
[Participation fee]
The creatures you see in Roppongi are the usual suspects – pigeons, crows, or, at most, mice. What would you do if you saw an unfamiliar animal like a monkey or a raccoon dog in the city center? What if it was a dinosaur that you’d never be able to see in the present era?


Hisamitsu Harashima

Hisamitsu Harashima’s main activities are themed to dinosaurs, including making dinosaur dioramas and performing in realistic dinosaur costumes.