Sato Keiichi
nutty nutty
Open call project selected work

May 27 (Sat), 10:00 – 28 (Sun), 18:00
Roppongi 6-chome, Azabu Fire Station Temporary Government Building (former site of Azabu Police Station)
[Participation fee]
Ideas always appear in my mind as scenes. My production process is to faithfully reproduce the scene in accordance with the setting, while figuring out the challenge of shaping the physical work. This work is a scene of five “lively face” sculptures, each about the height of a person, rolling around. In our city, where we have almost lost our faces, is it one of the main purposes of life to meet an “lively face”? I would like to watch with a feeling similar to admiration as the “lively face” roll around in the city, free from the artist’s hands.


sato keiichi

Sato graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1994 with a major in sculpture. Since 1989, he has worked and exhibited in a variety of environments and locations: Amagasaki Art Stroll, 2022; Rokko Meets Art: Art Stroll, 2021; 23rd Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Exhibition, 2020; Rokko Meets Art: Art Stroll, 2017; and the 25th UBE Biennial Shimane Iwami Art Museum Prize and Green, Flower, and Sculpture Museum Prize, 2013.