Mrs. Yuki「A Form」

Mrs. Yuki a
giraffe skull, aluminum mirror
240 x 260 cm

May 27 (Sat), 10:00 – 28 (Sun), 18:00
ignoppor, 2nd Floor
[Participation fee]
The two skulls facing each other were originally one. The snake repeatedly molts and sheds its skin on the earth, moving forward on the ground with its entire body. The circle of flowers, created by duplicating a single part of a flower, yields a kaleidoscope of independent worlds. The exhibition consists of three series: a work combining skulls and mirrors, a painting made of snake skins, and a digital collage featuring flowers. We are invited to enter the realm of art by cutting out the living traces of life.


Mrs. Yuki

Mrs. Yuki is an artist unit consisting of Rintaro Hiramine and Tomomi Okubo. They formed in 2009 when the two artists met. Hiramine is interested in genetic hybridization in the natural world, and Okubo is attracted to the shapes and colors of reptiles and insects.