The National Art Center, Tokyo

Ayaka Ura
On Desire (Speculations on Living: The Case of A Dog in Hoi An, Vietnam)
Part of the early exhibition viewing program

photo: Tomohiro Kubota

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The National Art Center, Tokyo, B1 floor
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This work takes you walking through the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam, pulled along by a stray dog (actually Ayaka Ura). The video installation uses two monitors to visualize a chain of desire systems of “moving = living,” driven by encounters with different things.


Ayaka Ura

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1992. Graduated from the Department of Painting at Musashino Art University in 2015. Ura’s aim is to create artwork that serves as a device for inverting or blending disparate things. She has created a number of participatory performance pieces that were achieved in collaboration with her audience. Ura is also involved in exhibitions and event planning as one of the vehicles for her work.

Her recent solo exhibitions
-shell / fossil / left / traces / of / the / fossil / female / form / of / the / body,2022, Kanazawa Art Village,Ishikawa;
-Watashi wa Sore o Dansu no Soshi to Nazukeru (“This I Call the Elements of Dance”), 2019, Hiroshima Art Center, Hiroshima;
-the solo performance Odoru Hakaishi Sono 2/(Chigireta Mimizu) (Tsutsu no you na Karada) (“The Dancing Gravestone Part 2/(The Torn-Apart Earthworm) (The Tube-Shaped Body)”), 2019, blanClass, Kanagawa;

group exhibition
-Aichi triennale 2022,2022,Aichi prefecutual museum of art,Aichi
-(((((,:Kakko-Tojinai,2022,Komagome SOKO ,Tokyo
-Hikikomi-sen/Hosha-sen (“Lead-in Wires/Radiating Lines”), 2019, as well as exhibitions in various metropolitan locations in Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa and more.

Ura has been a manager at CSLAB, the independent creative center for students at Tokyo Zokei University since 2019. She is also involved in the co-planning and co-execution of the “female artist meeting” network of women who are involved in art with artist Tsuga Megumi.