Suntory Museum of Art

Awaji Puppet Theatre
Elaborate puppetry performance “Ebisu-mai”

Provided by: Awaji Puppet Association

May 27 (Sat), 13:30-14:15, 15:30-16:15, 18:00-18:45
Suntory Museum of Art 6th Floor Hall
[Participation fee]
Free *Museum admission fee is required (priority given to those with advance reservations)
75 attendees each performance
The Awaji Puppet Theater(*) has inherited Awaji ningyo joruri (puppet drama), which has been perpetuated in Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, for about 500 years. In addition, as a special Art Night event, there will be a video showing a backstage tour and a special performance of puppets dancing to the music of violinist Yu Mashiko. Enjoy the powerful Gidayu storytelling, the deep resonating sound of the shamisen, and the dynamic yet delicate movements of the puppets. *Winner of the 19th Suntory Prize for Community Cultural Activities.


Awaji Puppet Theatre

Awaji Ningyo Joruri (designated by the national government as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property), is said to have originated from the “Ebisu Mai” associated with the myth of the birth of the nation. This traditional art form is representative of Awaji Island and is performed by gidayu (chanter), futozao shamisen (thick-neck shamisen), and three puppeteers. During the golden era of ningyo joruri in the mid-Edo period (1603-1867), there were more than 40 puppet theater troupes sharing its appeal throughout the country. The Awaji Puppet Theater has inherited the tools of one of these puppet theaters, the Yoshida Fujiro-za, and continues to perform with them.
The company received the 19th Suntory Prize for Regional Culture.