Tokyo Midtown

Yugo Kohrogi
Concurrent Program

/72, 2017 oil on canvas 2273x1620(mm)

May 3 (Wed) – June 13 (Tues), 11:00-20:00
Tokyo Midtown Galleria 1st Floor ISETAN SALONE
[Participation fee]
When we think of color, for example, there is actually no such thing as a “dirty” or “beautiful” color.
There is merely a color relationship that “looks” dirty or beautiful. Setting standards often allows us to discover something we are unaware of.
I think, on the other hand, existence that cannot be measured, such as feelings, are also very precious.
I find that these subtleties in my daily life are what make me engaged with this world.


Yugo Korogi

1982 Born in Kumamoto,Japan. 2007 B.F.A., Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts 2009 M.F.A., Printmaking, Tokyo University of the Arts
Yugo Kohrogi focuses on vague and changing things such as light, color, and vision, with the human body as a central motif, in the attempt to explore the breadth of painting's nature. In recent years, he has produced works during medium- to long-term stays abroad, engaging in research, production, and exhibits from perspectives of origins and modernity. As main destination is United Kingdom,Spain and Bulgaria.