Tokyo Midtown

Con Nobanashi
Fukufuku (Compound)

photo: Kitagawa Sisters

May 27 (Sat), 17:00-20:00
Tokyo Midtown Plaza 1st Floor
[Participation fee]
Human beings live within a social system, engaging in activities such as labor and consumption, but they can also deviate from this system and become wild. This performance exhibits the ecology of these creatures that coexist. We hope you will come and witness how far they can go in their four-legged play in the metropolis.


Con Nobanashi

After a childhood of wanting to be an animal when he grew up, he embarked on the path of physical exploration.
"Mutant Dynamics" dances in a bridge posture throughout the piece "Integration" that combines the defense behavior of parasites and insects into a group dance of humans Using human plasticity, he presents physical works that show the process by which humans cease to be humans and become new creatures and phenomena.
In 2021, he will move his base to Wakayama and run around the fields on all fours. They eat shellfish from the sea and deer from the mountains.