Main Program

Otoji + Ray
Otoji + Ray Concert
Main Program

May 28 (Sun), beginning at 12:00
*Approximately 1 hour duration
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
This concert features the duo of base “Otoji” and violin “Ray.” Through their unique string-based perspective and simple compositions, they will perform original songs that incorporate elements such as old jazz, classical, gypsy music, folk songs, and electronic music.


Otoji+Ray guest /Takseema-Darbuka

Otoji + Ray consists of bass player “Otoji” and violin player “Ray.” In 2009, they produced the soundtrack for a documentary film of the Balkan peninsula. In October 2021, they released an original album NADA with their arrangements of Balkan melodies, and in November 2022, they released NADA+, a compilation CD with DJ Mitsu the Beats Remix, No. 9 Remix. Since 2017, they have participated in musical production with Play with the Earth and have joined Cinema Caravan as orchestra members.