Roppongi Hills

Hills Art & Life Project “Community Engagement Program”
Tsumumai Project

photo: Haruo Wanibe

May 28 (Sun), beginning at 13:15
*Approximately 20 minute duration
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
The Tsumugu Project is a participatory art project that began in 2018 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Roppongi Hills. For this year’s “Tsumumai Project”, under the theme of “the maturing of the city and its people,” choreographer and dancer Maki Morishita has been working on ways to communicate and convey messages through the use of the body. Emerging from the COVID pandemic, the members of the project will turn their attention once again to communication that goes beyond words and will perform in the arena together with Ms. Morishita. The members of the project will perform the physical expressions created through their activities.


Maki Morishita

A choreographer and dancer, Maki Morishta’s roots in dance trace back to a game she developed as a child when making friends at a new school. She has performed in more than 30 cities in 10 countries, expanding her activities through cross-genre collaborations and conducting workshops and productions with the mission of “100 people, 100 different things.” She won the 8th Japan Dance Forum Award in 2014.

Project partner NPO inVisible