Roppongi Hills

Open call project selected work

Noism2 Special Performance 2018 Zone
photo: Noriki Matsuzaki

May 27 (Sat), beginning at 22:30; and May 28 (Sun), beginning at 15:00
*Approximately 30 minute duration
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
This large ensemble, comprised of more than 20 young dancers who will lead the coming generation, will express the worlds of idealism and reality through the theme of Symphony No. 9, 4th movement: Ode to Joy, in a 20-minute piece.
The piece “Joy” is about people who are torn between ideals and reality, struggling to live and move forward. The work is divided into three parts: chaos, confusion, and joy. The chaos and confusion of reality contrast with the joy of idealism, and work expresses the connections between people, their support of one another, and their desperate efforts to pursue the ideal, even when almost crushed by the weight of the real world.



A member of Noism from 2007-2012, Kushida founded Dance company Lasta in 2013 and has presented 26 works since then.
In recent years, he has choreographed for Noism2 and presented Naraku at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre. In March 2023, the stage adaptation of Naraku directed by Kazuha Nasu was screened at Euro Live as part of a 2-day cinema screening, and on June 17-18, 2023, Kushida’s new work ROOM will make its debut at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre studio.