Roppongi Hills

Zhang Xu Zhan
Compound Eyes of Tropical (Animal Story series)

Compound Eyes of Tropical (Animal Story series)
2020 – 2022
Single channel video , 4K , color , sound 12.2
16 min
Courtesy: projectfulfill

May 27 (Sat), 10:00 – 28 (Sun), 18:00
In front of Roppongi Hills North Tower
[Participation fee]
The Film is inspired by the costumes of Taiwan’s folk dance parade “Yi zhen” and ceremonial festivals. Originally adapted from the Southeast Asian folktale ‘The Mousedeer Crosses the River’, the work integrates similar folktale narratives from different countries, to create the half-mousedeer, half-fox shaman puppet dancer in the animation.
Like the fractured perspective of the fly’s compound eyes, the story’s motif leads the audience to travel back and forth through various interlinked narratives from different countries, and know the same thing different position, discussing cultural flow, identity, and the connections between universal and local allegorical experiences.


Zhang Xu Zhan

Born in Taipei in 1988, he received his MFA in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. His family has a century-old paper craft store that produces elaborate paper crafts such as plasticine sculptures, animals, and houses for religious ceremonies and funerals. Zhang works internationally with these paper crafts in animation, hand-drawn animation, digital imagery, experimental film, cinema, and multi-channel video installations. Important group exhibitions includes《Yokohama Triennale 2020》, 《Young International Creation - 2019 biennale de lyon》. He won Deutsche Bank’s Artists of the Year award 2021 and Golden Horse Film Festival Award 2022.