Roppongi Hills

Mirko Ilić/Japan: Aya Komboo, Matthew Waldman&Keio Univ. Media Design SAMCARA Lab
Tolerance Poster show Japan 2023
Part of the early exhibition viewing program

Design by San Jin (China)

May 23 (Tues) – 26 (Fri); May 27 (Sat), 10:00 – 28 (Sun), 18:00
Roppongi Hills North Tower Artboard
[Participation fee]
“Colored spectacles are out of style!” The public poster exhibition spreading across the globe with more than 150 shows in 40 countries finally arrived in Japan for the first time. Over 200 international artists, including Milton Glaser of “I LOVE NY” participated. All kinds of diversity exist worldwide, while LGBTQ and gender imbalance are particularly concerning in Japan. Our aim is to expand poster shows accessibility to make it an opportunity for free conversation without biased views.


Mirko Ilić/Japan: Aya Komboo, Matthew Waldman & Keio Univ. Media Design SAMCARA Lab.

The Tolerance Project, was launched by renowned designer and Prof. Mirko Ilić in 2017. He has written about Tadanori Yokoo's work and Yokoo is a supporter of the project. Japan’s curator team with international backgrounds, director Aya Komboo, Prof. Matthew Waldman, & the SAMCARA Lab worked together to realize the first exhibition in Japan. We welcome any cooperation for the opportunity to spread throughout Japan.