Roppongi Hills

NPO corporation NijiironoKaze
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Shinya FUJI Untitled

May 23 (Tues) – 26 (Fri), 11:00-23:00; May 27 (Sat), 11:00 – 28 (Sun), 6:00, 11:00-18:00
Roppongi Hills Café/Space
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In the city, elements mix and blend into the hustle and bustle, all while maintaining an exquisite balance. However, even in such a city, the seasons do indeed pass, and all living creatures are engaged in a daily drama that should not be overlooked, as the waves of life continue to move through the city. In this exhibition, “Passion – Intrinsic Passion”, we present the works of artists who, in the midst of their fast-paced daily lives, keep their shaken emotions inside their hearts and continue to work with sincerity while resisting what they cannot control and what they cannot possibly overcome.


NPO Corporation Nijiironokaze

Shinya Fujii started painting in order to release feelings that had nowhere else to go. The lines he draws are born from the vibrations of music picked up by his sharpened hearing.
Ryo Hirayama’s planet appears in the story Midnight Opera, in which the artist travels through space to a blue star while visiting numerous planets.
Soya Hanamaki enjoyed looking for spring as a child, and, even now, goes for walks in the woods to find a “little spring.”