MOE+, “Immersive theater 「#The Invisible Man」” Meetings in Town / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

Illustration by MOE+

5/25(Sat) 19:00 – 5/26(Sun) 4:00
[Participation fee]
In the midst of the Roppongi night, invisible people begin to emerge. For one night only, this theatrical drama absent of actors will take stage throughout the entirety of the city. This production utilizes shadows, sounds, and objects to create an installation that moves throughout the streets, imbuing the lively city of Roppongi with a quiet sense of discomfort. What aare these people who have suddenly emerged in the middle of the city aiming to communicate? As you move about and meet them, please listen carefully to their whispers. When you meet this “Little Fantasia,” quietly standing about in the midst of the everyday, we hope you’ll feel something.



MOE+’s work centers on the slogan “Install ‘Little Fantasia’ around you.” After graduating from the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University, she joined NHK Enterprises. She creates experiences through the filmic and other works that she organizes and directs. The “+” in “MOE+” – her artistic alias – refers to her collaborations with a range of creators.

「Invisible man」created by MOE+ Yuri Asada/Dai Arakawa/ONI/Masashi Kubo/Yuichiro Kotani/Shotaro Hirayama/Osao Hori/Yuri Yoshida