ONI, “Sounds and colors of life” Town Performances / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

5/25(Sat) ①19:00 – 19:10, ②21:00 – 21:10,
5/26(Sun) ③11:00 – 11:10, ④13:00 – 13:10, ⑤15:00 – 15:10
* Outside of the times designated above, automated performances will occur intermittently.
Roppongi-nishi Park
[Participation fee]
Soap bubbles and sound harmonize to compose an immersive sound installation. In March 2019, this became the first work in the world to program together immersive sound with live electronic music and soap bubbles. In further evolution from his previous works, such as a permanent exhibition at Miraikan - National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, and audio-visual presentation at SXSW 2019, this work will include 15- minute long live performances that will interact with audience and evoke a sense of cohesion. Through an unconventional, yet ambient, mesmerizing atmosphere, the work will express moments of beauty and fading ephemerality, asking the audience the meaning of life and existence.


(日本語) ONI

A sound design artist based in Tokyo. His recent work, which represents his own interpretation of artificial life, was exhibited at National Museum of Emerging Science in 2018. He has marked significant presence in film industry across the world, with notable acknowledgment at Cannes International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and more. In 2018, he had also taken the role of music direction at Miss Nippon 50th Anniversary reception and Good Design Award Japan.

Production team

Sound engineer / hori osao
Lighting engineer / Okamoto Teruki
Visual Lighting / marimosphere Mari Asada
Visual Lighting technical adviser / VJyou
SoapBubble Artist / Onchi
Shaped object design / Yurike Marcellina Chandra
Shaped object design / Tania Ananta Hidayat
Shaped object design / Elvaretta Angelina
Staff / Mayu Amano
Staff / Rie Susumi
Staff / and friends
Direction / Takahisa Yasuta