Nao Uesaka, “Tales of Presence hidden in “Cells of the City”” Town Installations / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

5/25(Sat) 10:00 – 5/26(Sun) 18:00
Various locations in Roppongi
[Participation fee]
In this work, Nao Uesaka paves tiny tiles and places tiny versions of everyday objects to create fictional miniature corners on actual streets of Roppongi. Seeing the city as a space where countless stories unfold, Uesaka creates these dioramas to tell her own small narratives. The fragments evoke traces of human presence and scars of forgotten incidents. Blurring the boundaries between fiction, memory, and reality, they come together to weave a story that reflects our urban life.


Nao Uesaka

Born in Toyama in 1991, where she lives and works today. Manipulating the size and scale, Uesaka faces and questions the state of the contemporary cities like Tokyo. Received the second prize in Tokyo Midtown Award 2015, the school prize in Musashino Art University Degree Show 2016 and etc.