Shohei Tsuda, “KYO-ZO” Town Installations


5/25(Sat) 10:00 – 5/26(Sun) 18:00
Reine Building 1F
[Participation fee]
In “KYO-ZO”, Shohei Tsuda fills a dark abandoned space of a former restaurant with countless vertical and horizontal laser beams and audio images. Like an image scanner, the sharp and diffracted red lights move slowly across the walls of the empty room and over the surfaces of discarded furniture, seemingly capturing a residual image of the past. The installation is an architectural experiment that distorts the present by exploring what might have previously existed.


Shohei Tsuda

Born in Tokyo in 1986. Based in Ibaraki. Tsuda carries out experiments that explore the existence of an individual within a given space, and inverts the consciousness and the unconscious by focusing and expanding on existing phenomena. His works, created as if by weaving together multidimensional spaces, include architectural elements such as dismantling, measuring, and reconstruction.