Tokyo Midtown

Director: Banksy, “Art Cinema”

©2010 Paranoid Pictures Film Company All Rights Reserved.

5/25(Sat) 19:00 – 20:30
Tokyo Midtown Midtown Garden Grass Square
[Participation fee]
* Limited to 700 participants (Admission may be limited if maximum capacity is reached.)
* Rain or shine. Will be canceled in case of Storm
With the cooperation of NEBUKURO CINEMA
The Grass Square will transform into an outdoor theater. The screening will show legendary artist Banksy’s first directorial work “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.
Movie synopsis: Thierry Guetta, a man interested in video photography, meets with a variety of graffiti artists to film them in their natural demeanor, and during this time his longstanding wish to meet Banksy is fulfilled. Thierry has no knowledge or facility in art, but through Banksy he creates the artist persona “Mr. Brainwash” and at last opens a solo exhibition of his work. The film calls to question whether the entire scenario is set up, or if it is actually a real documentary.



• BANKSY is a street artist from Bristol, UK.
• He has not revealed any name other than “BANKSY,” or anything else about himself, to the public.
• He once placed fake copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album in stores without permission.
• He also displayed his own work in the British Museum, again without authorization. The museum later added a work of BANKSY’s to its official collection.
• Political and social messages are another element: for instance, on the West Bank barrier he painted a girl using balloons to fly over the wall, even as guns were being pointed at him.
• His works sell for exorbitant sums, and his fans include celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Jude Law, and Christina Aguilera!
• In 2009, an (official!) exhibition of his works was held at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.