Roppongi Hills

psykhē collective, “/psykhē /” Program chosen from “Open Call Project” / ROPPONGI ART NIGHT CAFÉ Supported by Seibu & Sogo

5/25 (Sat) ①18:30, ②22:30, ③24:00, ④26:00
5/26(Sun) ⑤15:00
Café/Space, Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Hills West Walk 2F, Roppongi Hills Roku-Roku Plaza
[Participation fee]
In this artwork, two dancers will don inflatable clothing that enlarges as the wearer breathes, parading around the city of Roppongi in a performance. From the fluctuations in the clothing based on the dancers’ breaths and the town’s air, they will draw a boundary line between people and the city.


psykhē collective

Momoka Nakayama (Creative Technologist) / Tomoya Morohoshi (Copy Writer & Creative Technologist) / Narumi Okamura (Designer) / Natsumi Wada (Performance Directior) / Shyuto Chen (Dancer) /Yuka Kusakabe (Dancer) / Kenta Tanaka (Sound Artist) / Kazuki Takahashi (Movie Director) / Sakura Yamaguchi (Art Director) / Yuta Ide (Technologist) / Hiroshi Nakayama (Technologist)/Saori Katsube (Editor)