Roppongi Hills

Yukio Suzuki, “Accumulations” Town Performances / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

Photo: bozzo

①5/25(Sat) 23:30 – 23:50, ②5/26(Sun) 1:30 – 1:50
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
Using text from Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future by Svetlana Alexievich, a Nobel Prize in Literature recipient, dancers gently interweave and create a space of peacefulness. Human innocence and foolishness, and life’s strength and preciousness begin to surface through layers of time. In this moment of “now,” we become humanized and reach to the future. This dance work is a sincere contemplation of “living” by choreographer Yukio Suzuki, who has gained attention both domestically and internationally for his experimental initiatives and distinct quality of dance.


Yukio Suzuki

Suzuki has studied butoh since 1997 and in 2000 he founded his own company "YUKIO SUZUKI projects". He’s been to more than 40 cities in the world, and his strong physicality and dance performance that is flexible, sensitive, and sticking out of spaces, attracts local audience. He is also active in choreography for ballet dancers and children, performance in music videos, model activities, collaboration with musicians, and workshops.