On7, “UTAGE~Newspaper Ladies” Performances on the street / Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

Shizuoka Street Theatre Festival “STRANGE SEED” (May 2017)

9/30 (Sat)
① 18:30-18:45
② 20:45-21:00
③ 21:45-22:00
10/1 (Sun)
① 0:30-0:45
9/30 (Sat)
① Roi Building
② Tenso Shrine
③ Tokyo Midtown Canopy Square
10/1 (Sun)
① Metro Hat, Roppongi Hills
[Participation fee]
“The everyday landscape looks a little different”. Women dressed in dresses made from newspaper will appear in Roppongi like a subject in a painting.
The audience and performers will share time and a delicate connection, but without using “words”. Experience the non-verbal atmosphere and landscape of Roppongi with other audience members, share the outdoor space and time, and take with you “this place” and “this moment”.



Formed by seven actresses who belong to five well-established theater companies (Seinenza, Bungakuza, Haiyuza, Engeki Shudan En, and Theatre Echo) in 2013, On7 searches for new possibilities in theater. It collaborates with leading figures in the theater world to create work unconstrained by conventional rules and categories. Following its contributions Tama 1KM Festival and Shizuoka Street Theatre Festival Strange Seed, the group was commissioned to create a new work for Roppongi Art Night 2017. On7 is Tomomi Kogure, Minori Omi, Hitomi Ando, Haruka Shibuya, Ami Tamotsu, Kumi Yoshida, and Chie Miyayama.