Switch Research Institute, “Roppongi Art Night Switch 2017” Performances on the street

9/30 (sat)
Roppongi Shopping District, Roppongi Hills
[Participation fee]
Handed out the map at the administration office (Lapiross Roppongi).
Professing ourselves to be “the most accessible form of art in Roppongi Art Night history”, 3 years have passed since we first participated in 2015’s “Open Call Project”. We have been fortunate enough to be invited to many art festivals since then, and this year, we are back in Roppongi to showcase our Switch = “A 3 - 30 second play that begins with a push of a switch”. The performance won’t start unless you push the switch, but we don’t want to impose. We’re trying to find the perfect balance between the impulsiveness of art and being sympathetic to the audience. All performances are inspired by and unique to Roppongi. Push the switches around the city and start the crazy yet peaceful short stories!

①9/30 (Sat) 19:00-20:00
ALMOND Roppongi
Otsuna sushi
Daikokuya Roppongi shop
Tachihara Hardware Store
Tully’s Coffee Roppongi Store
Hard Rock Cafe ROCK SHOP
Photo Shop, Ginrei
Blue Bottle Coffee JP in Roppongi Café
Monaca gelato an
LUNETTES du JURA Miyakoya Roppongi
Roa Building
Y! mobile Roppongi Internet Park

②9/30(Sat) 22:00-22:30
Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View

③9/30(Sat) 22:30-23:00
Roppongi Hills Roku-Roku Plaza


Switch Research Institute

Formed 2015 by actors, Yubie Mitsuse, Masahiro Ooishi, and Masayuki Yamamoto. The group has been invited to art festivals and drama festivals nationwide, and developed and performed a different Switch unique to every place. It is a group that exclusively performs Switch. Switch is a short drama of 3 – 30 seconds in which something happens when the audience do something asked on the back of the device = ‘push the switch’. Based in Tokyo. Its motto: “Do what adults won’t do in adult ways”